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We Can Provide a Successful Vasectomy Reversal after 10 Years Or More

man in dark green coatA vasectomy reversal reconnects a surgically severed sperm duct to effectively restore male fertility. Some patients who had their vasectomy performed many years before may have questions about the efficacy of a vasectomy reversal. For patients looking to have a vasectomy reversal after 10 years or more, Dr. Larry Lipshultz can perform the procedure at his Houston, TX, practice to successfully restore fertility. To learn more, contact us today and schedule your consultation with world-renowned male fertility specialist Dr. Lipshultz.

Factors Affecting Your Outcome

There are two key ways to gauge the success of a vasectomy reversal. The first is the patency rate, which is the detection of sperm in the semen. The other is pregnancy.

Success rates following a vasectomy reversal can vary. The factors that will most impact the success of your vasectomy reversal are the skill of the surgeon, the type of surgery performed, and the number of years since your vasectomy.

What if My Vasectomy Was Several Years Ago?

While chances of a successful reversal are higher within a few years of vasectomy, reversal patients who have waited 10 years or more still have excellent chances of becoming parents. The patency rate does typically decrease as the years pass following a vasectomy, but not as dramatically as many think. In fact, studies indicate that at 15 or more years following a vasectomy procedure, patency rates may only decline to about 70%.

Two Approaches to Vasectomy Reversal

There are two common microsurgical techniques used to restore male fertility following a vasectomy. The more common surgery, called a vasovasostomy, involves reconnecting the vas deferens, the muscular tube responsible for directing the sperm into the urethra.

While a vasovasostomy helps the majority of patients reach their goals, some patients experience some blockage on the side of the vas deferens that attaches to the epididymis, the organ on the back of the testicles where sperm mature. These patients may require a epididymovasostomy. During this surgery, the urethral side of the vas deferens is attached directly to the epididymis. If sperm are not detected on the epididymal side of the vas deferens at the time of your vasectomy, your surgeon may recommend the epididymovasostomy procedure.

An Internationally Recognized Expert with Proven Success Rates

By choosing Dr. Lipshultz, you are taking an important first step in improving the likelihood that your vasectomy reversal will have a favorable outcome. Dr. Lipshultz has vast experience performing vasectomy reversals, and his procedures have resulted in impressively high patency and pregnancy rates. His vasovasostomy patients have experienced a 95% patency rate, and a 75% chance of pregnancy with their partner. Similarly, his epididymovasostomy patients have experienced a 65% patency rate, and a 50% pregnancy rate.

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Parenthood is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer, and your fertility deserves expert attention. Dr. Lipshultz has the expertise to help you and your partner realize your family planning goals. To find out more about this procedure, contact our office today and schedule your consultation.