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Feb 3, 2015 — by Larry Lipshultz

A woman handing her wedding ring over to her former husbandOne of the reasons that Dr. Larry Lipshultz is one of the leading men's health specialists in the greater Houston area is his ability to understand the different dimensions that go into men's health decisions. In the case of vasectomy reversal, a surgery that restores a man's ability to father children, there may be strong psychological drives behind the desire to undergo the surgery. Divorce is one such issue that leads some men to contemplate reversing a vasectomy, which is why we'd like to go over this issue in a bit more detail right now.

Men May Regret Having a Vasectomy After a Divorce

A number of men undergo a vasectomy after getting married in order to prevent having another child. This is an effective option for contraception, but a number of men regret undergoing the vasectomy if their marriage ends in a divorce. These men often start relationships following the end of their previous marriage, re-marry, and want to father another child in the new marriage. Yet this is not a possibility because of the vasectomy.

Is vasectomy reversal after a divorce common?

Vasectomy reversal is relatively common following a divorce, though it can vary from person to person. A number of men do wish to father a child in another marriage, however, so undergoing a vasectomy reversal after a divorce is not out of the ordinary.

Ultimately, a divorce and a new marriage can be a major existential crossroads for a man, and regretting the initial vasectomy and considering a reversal surgery is completely understandable.

How effective is vasectomy reversal?

Vasectomy reversal is most effective for people who have had the initial vasectomy within three to five years of the reversal surgery. The success rates of vasectomy reversal go down when the initial vasectomy was performed ten years ago or more. This isn't to say that a vasectomy reversal will not succeed in such situations, but merely that the potential for success is much lower.

Alternatives to Vasectomy Reversal Following a Divorce

If a man wishes to father a child following a divorce and remarriage, there are alternatives to vasectomy reversal worth considering. The most likely alternative if a man is set on fathering a child of his own is sperm retrieval, which extracts sperm from a man's testes so that they can be used to fertilize an egg. This tends to be performed as part of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, and it has been quite effective in helping couples start families.

Is vasectomy reversal the ideal option for me?

This is a question that cannot be properly answered online. In order to get the answers that you need regarding vasectomy reversal and its alternatives, it's important that you speak with Dr. Lipshultz in person. This will allow you to get all the answers that you need to make an informed decision, and for you to really mull over the choices that you have in front of you.

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