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Jan 28, 2015 — by Larry Lipshultz

A pensive man thinks deeply about a tragedyLosing a young child is one of the tragedies that every parent fears and that no one should have to endure. Yet these tragedies occur, and in addition to emotional and moral support, sometimes couples need medical solutions to help them through this difficult period in life.

Dr. Larry Lipshultz has addressed such matters from patients in the greater Houston area, considering all options available to them with the sympathy and delicacy that such matters should receive. Sometimes vasectomy reversal is an ideal solution for restoring male fertility, while in other instances it's important to consider other options. Let's explore this matter in a bit more detail so you understand all the facets that have to be considered.

The Complexities of This Issue

A number of couples who feel that they are done having children agree that a vasectomy is an ideal option for them since it is an effective method of birth control. If their child was lost following the vasectomy, obviously there is an urge to want to reverse the surgery and have children again. Yet there are two things to consider:

  • A Question of Timing: The timing of the vasectomy reversal is important to keep in mind. The reversal of a vasectomy is most successful within three years of the initial vasectomy, and the effectiveness of the surgery may diminish over the years, particulalry if more than 10 years have passed.
  • A Question of Time: It's important to take time to grieve and mourn. When nerves are raw following a major loss like the death of a child, it's possible for parents to act rashly and not consider the repercussions of their actions. While we understand the desire to have another child, it's important that couples take time to think about their situations and to gain enough emotional and psychological space from the loss in order to make the best possible decision.

When you are able to gain a bit of distance from the loss and the perspective that comes with it, that's when it's a good idea to go over all of your options for having another child. Your men's health specialist will note your medical history and then enact an ideal surgical treatment plan.

Alternatives to Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

If vasectomy reversal is not considered an ideal option, sperm retrieval techniques may be considered in conjunction with artificial insemination or in vitro fertiliztion (IVF). Adoption may also be a viable option to consider if reproductive medicine or other medical solutions prove to be poor or inadvisable solutions.

Making the Right Decisions for You

Again, we sympathize with how painful the loss of a child can be, but we always want to make sure that the choices our patients make are the best for them.

If you have any questions about vasectomy reversal surgery or other fertility treatment options, we will be more than happy to answer them, but be sure to be to take the time necessary to consider your decision.

Speak with Dr. Larry Lipshultz About Your Situation

For more information about all of your options for care, it's important that you contact our urology and men's health center today. By discussing these matters with Dr. Lipshultz, you can get the help that you need in order to start a family and heal after a tragedy has occurred.