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Jan 20, 2015 — by Larry Lipshultz

A man at home thinkingDr. Larry Lipshultz is one of the leading urologists and men's health specialists in the greater Houston area, attracting patients from throughout the state of Texas to his practice for effective care and treatment. He has been particularly effective with vasectomy reversal surgery, which restores a man's ability to father children, though he is also able to address erectile dysfunction and other needs of men at all ages.

If patients undergo the vasectomy reversal procedure within a few years of the initial vasectomy, the surgery is more likely to succeed. Vasectomy reversal is also more likely to succeed if patients follow their pre-op and post-op instructions to the letter. This includes avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Let's consider this issue right now.

Does alcohol affect vasectomy reversal results?


Consuming alcoholic beverages in the lead up to and the recovery period of vasectomy reversal surgery can potentially affect the success of the procedure. Consuming alcoholic beverages can increase the risks of prolonged side effects, serious side effects, and even surgical complications. Many times alcoholic beverages slow down the healing process, making your body more susceptible to infection and other negative matters as well.

With that in mind, this is why surgeons ask their patients to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages if they wish to ensure a successful surgical procedure. This does not just apply to vasectomy reversal but all kinds of surgeries.

Patients Should Avoid Alcohol Leading Into Surgery

In the week or two leading up to vasectomy reversal surgery, it's important that patients avoid consuming alcoholic beverages so that their body is in the most ideal condition to heal properly. It's best to err on the side of two weeks just in case. Surgeons will similarly request a refrain from tobacco products.

Patients Should Also Avoid Alcohol While They Recover from Surgery

As patients recover from vasectomy reversal surgery, it's imperative that they refrain from alcoholic beverages for a few weeks after surgery. Again, alcohol can affect the healing process, making it go by much slower, so this is just a common sense safety precaution. And as you may have guess, tobacco products are still to be avoided following vasectomy reversal.

When can I resume having alcoholic beverages?

Your surgeon will provide you with full information about when you can resume consuming alcoholic beverages, but usually waiting a month is ideal as this will allow patients to heal fully. Waiting until the bulk of recovery is completed before having an alcoholic beverage is a common sense approach to healing and wellness, and it also helps ensure that the surgery is as successful as possible. (After successful surgery and full healing, maybe then have a small drink to celebrate responsibly.)

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