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Oct 30, 2014 — by Larry Lipshultz

A father with his daughter outsideBased in Houston, Dr. Larry Lipshultz is well-trained and well-equipped to treat various kinds of men's health issues. This includes dealing with male infertility, which requires different treatments depending on the cause of the problem.

We've focused on several causes of male infertility in the past, and right now we'd like to turn our attention to scar tissue and the role that this plays in causing male infertility.

Is it possible for scar tissue to cause male infertility?


When scars or scar tissue forms, there is the chance of blockages occurring due to the formation of the scar itself. If not blockages, then other complications may result due to the formation of scar tissue. This because when a scar forms, the tissue that is present tends not to form an interwoven basket-like meshwork as natural tissue in the area would but rather cross-linked tissue that is often in one direction.

As a result of the formation of a scar, the skin may actually wind up being upraised or sunken. Depending on the location of the scar, this can negatively affect fertility. Scars located in the groin area and the lower abdominal area tend to be the kinds that would cause male infertility.

Scar Tissue in the Groin Area

When scar tissue forms in the grown area as a result of injury, surgery, or infection, it can block the vas deferens or affect other parts of the testicles and reproductive organs.

One example of this is epididymitis. This is a condition in which the epididymis (the coiled tube located in the back of the testicle) becomes inflamed. In addition to causing discomfort and blood in the semen, epididymitis can leave behind scar tissue that can affect a man's fertility in the long run.

Scar Tissue in the Abdominal Area

While scar tissue in the abdominal area is more likely to affect female fertility, pelvic scarring and abdominal scarring can potentially affect male fertility as well. In general, this is the result of adhesions, which are fibrous bands of scar tissue that form between two organs. These can occur following a serious injury such as an organ rupture of some sort. These adhesions can lead to twists or blockages for reproductive organs, or issues in which natural conception is less likely.

Treatments for Scar-Tissue Infertility

To address any kind of scar tissue problem or issues with adhesion, it's first important for any infection to be addressed and treated through the use of antibiotics. The adhesion or scar tissue can then be removed surgically if it does not pose a major health risk.

Other Matters to Consider

If the removal of the scar tissue is not an option and the infertility problems persist, it is then possible to consider alternative treatments. This includes sperm extraction methods, the use of donor sperm, and even adoption. We will work closely with you to help you get the best possible treatment for you and your needs.

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