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Oct 20, 2014 — by Larry Lipshultz

A calculator and a stethescopeDr. Larry Lipshultz is one of the leading men's health specialists in Houston, and his reputation for excellent patient care is why he attracts patients throughout the state of Texas. Numerous men have come to him in order to undergo vasectomy reversal, a procedure that restores a man's ability to father children naturally.

The cost of the procedure is a concern for many prospective patients, and some patients wonder if an inexpensive surgeon may be ideal. We're here to tell you that a low price isn't always a good thing, especially when it comes to surgery or any kind of medical treatment.

Cost Should Not Be the Sole Factor In Your Decision

While the cost of surgery is important to consider, it should not be the sole factor to consider when you are selecting a vasectomy reversal surgeon or a practice that offers the surgery. Price is just one of many factors to keep in mind, and it may actually point to deficiencies in quality at a practice or with a surgeon. Be sure to keep these concerns in mind at all times as you're weighing your options for care.

The Low Price May Be a Warning Sign

If the price of a vasectomy reversal seems especially low, it may be a warning sign that should keep you away from that practice. For instance, a very low price for vasectomy reversal could mean the following:

  • The surgeon lacks experience
  • The surgeon is not board certified
  • The surgeon lacks the proper training
  • The surgeon's work is poor/has a bad reputation
  • The practice is out to make a quick buck
  • The practice's work my not be up to current standards

Because of these issues, prospective vasectomy reversal patients need to be wary and smart when it comes to finding a specialist to help them.

Do Your Research About the Surgeon and the Practice

If you see a price for any surgical procedure that seems to good to be true, be sure to research that practice or that surgeon online. Find out if the practice/surgeon has a good reputation, has the proper medical training, and if the surgical facilities are advanced and of good quality.

If you can find online reviews or patient testimonials of the practice/surgeon, this is ideal. These firsthand accounts of the care provided can be an invaluable part of your research. You may also want to ask your general practitioner if the surgeon has a reputation in the field for good work or poor work.

Comparison Shopping Is Never a Bad Idea

Since affordability is an issue for many patients, it's not a bad idea to comparison shop. Various men's health experts may be more affordable, but be sure to weigh that against their training, their patient testimonials, and their overall reputation. The research that you do means fewer hardships and a greater chance at achieving optimal results from vasectomy reversal.

Payment Options Offering Greater Flexibility for Patients

It's also important to keep in mind the various payment options out there that can help put vasectomy reversal within your reach. Monthly financing and payment plans will divide the cost into monthly installments that can make budgeting and planning much easier for you.

Learn More About Vasectomy Reversal

For more information about vasectomy reversal as well as other matters related to fertility, fatherhood, and urology, it's important that you contact our men's health and fertility treatment center today. Dr. Lipshultz looks forward to discussing these matters with you in much greater detail.