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Aug 14, 2014 — by Larry Lipshultz

A man at home thinking about his health optionsObesity is a major health issue in the United States, and it may be surprising to many people how much obesity can affect your overall health. Dr. Larry Lipshultz knows this, and treating obesity-related male infertility problems has become a common matter at his practice here in Houston. As you're about to learn, obesity has a negative effect on more than just your overall weight and body image.

Obesity and Sperm Count

Research suggests that men who are obese are 42% more likely to have low sperm count when compared to men who are of normal weight. Researchers in France suggest that imbalances in hormones caused by obesity (including added estrogen in a man's system) may lead to damage of sperm cells. A poor diet high in saturated fat may also be a cause of low sperm count.

Obesity and Male Sterility

In addition to low sperm count, men who are obese are 81% more likely to have no viable sperm in their semen, making them effectively sterile. The same hormonal and dietary issues noted above are likely to affect the quality and motility of a man's sperm.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to affecting the health and quality of a man's sperm, obesity can also have an impact on a man's sexual performance and virility. While obesity itself may not be the sole cause of erectile dysfunction, health issues related to obesity such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease have been linked to erectile dysfunction.

The Greater the BMI, the Greater the Chance of Infertility

Research by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) suggested that for every 20 pounds in excess of a normal BMI, a man's chances of infertility increased by about 10%. As you can imagine, being healthier and at a more ideal weight will improve your chances of successfully starting a family.

Helping You Get Back In Shape

Since obesity can be a major impediment to fertility, it's ideal for men who are obese to get back into shape. This means exercising regularly and eating right, though bariatric surgery may be ideal if a man is morbidly obese and has immediate health problems to be addressed.

With regard to exercise, we can work with you and your general practitioner to help determine the kind of exercise and diet routine that is best for your needs. Remember to push yourself within reason doing cardio as well as core training and flexibility exercises. With your diet, cut out the excess sugar and sodas and instead eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats rather than saturated fats, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Keep in mind that weight loss is a process and not immediate; the results will come with time, as will a general sense of wellness.

Treatment for Boosting Male Fertility

In addition to helping you get back into peak physical condition, we will be more than happy to discuss male fertility treatments and various options for enhancing male performance. We'll take into account all of your goals and needs as we tailor the treatment to you.

Speak with Dr. Larry Lipshultz About Your Men's Health Needs

For more information about various men's health topics and how we can help you address problems with fertility and male performance, we encourage you to contact our men's health clinic today. Dr. Lipshultz will be sure to carefully consider all options for care so that you make smart choices regarding your overall health and wellness.