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May 15, 2014 — by Larry Lipshultz

Swelling After Vasectomy Reversal - Side Effects, Complications, Post-Surgical RecoveryVasectomy reversal surgery is a great option to consider for men who would like to reverse their initial vasectomy and father children naturally. As with any surgery, the procedure does involve various side effects. Your urologist will discuss all of the risks and side effects of vasectomy reversal with you in full detail, helping you make well-informed and empowered choices about your health needs.

Right now, we would like to look at the issue of post-surgical swelling, which is a common side effect following vasectomy reversal. We will talk about how serious it can become and what can be done to address and reduce swelling as it occurs.

Is vasectomy reversal generally successful?

Vasectomy reversal surgery is generally successful for patients depending on the time they originally underwent the vasectomy. The sooner the patient undergoes the reversal procedure, the more likely the surgery will be successful.

How common is swelling after vasectomy reversal?

Swelling is one of the most common side effects after vasectomy reversal surgery, along with bruising and discomfort. It is normal to experience some degree of swelling as this is simply a sign of your body responding to surgery and healing.

How pronounced can the swelling get?

The swelling following vasectomy reversal surgery can be quite pronounced and noticeable, but it's generally manageable. Some patients will notice more swelling than others, with the size of the scrotum becoming quite large. In general, patients should not feel alarmed about the swelling so long as it's not accompanied by severe pain and bruising.

How long does the swelling last after vasectomy reversal?

The swelling after vasectomy reversal surgery will last for a few weeks, though the most pronounced swelling will occur during the first week. By the end of the first week, most patients will notice a reduction in swelling. Patients will usually be asked to wear a support garment or a certain kinds of undergarments for roughly two weeks.

Tips for Managing Post-Operative Swelling

In order to ensure the best possible healing experience, it's important that patients spend the first day or so in bed getting plenty of rest. Cold compresses can be used on the scrotal area four roughly 20 minutes at a time, with roughly 40 minutes in between the applications of the cold compress. This will help address the swelling and discomfort.

All sexual activity should be avoided for at least 10 days, and other forms of vigorous physical activity (e.g., running, heavy lifting) should be avoided for at least 10 to 14 days.

Stay In Touch with Your Urologist

If you experience major swelling, pain, or bruising after your vasectomy reversal, it's important that you contact your surgeon in order for these issues to be addressed. These may be the sign of a post-surgical complication, and it's best that these kinds of issues get addressed as soon as possible.

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