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May 1, 2014 — by Larry Lipshultz

Vasectomy Reversal Cost - Price of Surgery, Insurance Coverage, Monthly Financing OptionsVasectomy reversal surgery allows men who have undergone an initial vasectomy to father children again. By speaing with a skilled urologist, you can learn if vasectomy reversal is ideal for you given when the initial surgery was performed and your current needs.

Many patients have questions about the cost of vasectomy reversal surgery. We'd like to take a few moments right now to consider these matters and how different payment options for the procedure can prove very helpful to you.

The Average Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

The average cost of vasectomy reversal can vary a fair amount from patient to patient for a variety of reasons. It's for that reason that providing an estimated cost of treatment here will not properly convey all of the concerns that go into the treatment process.

During your consultation with Dr. Larry Lipshultz, you will receive a personalized price quote that takes into account all sorts of matters related to the vasectomy reversal process. This will include a full breakdown of the costs associated with care.

Factors That Can Affect the Cost of a Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

There are many different factors to take into account when pricing a vasectomy reversal procedure. Some of the most common determinants of cost include:

  • The geographic location of the practice
  • The qualifications of the doctor/surgeon
  • The complexity of the patient's case
  • Unique pricing concerns specific to individual practices

Does medical insurance cover vasectomy reversal?

Some insurance providers will cover the cost of vasectomy reversal. While it has been on the rise for some time, the coverage still tends to be rare, and insurance companies will often require certain stipulations to be met in order to cover the procedure.

Since insurance policies and providers vary, it's important that you contact your insurance provider directly in order to learn if you qualify for insurance coverage for your procedure.

Financing Options for Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

If you run into issues paying for your vasectomy reversal or getting insurance coverage, there are monthly payment options to consider. These financing plans function in much the same way as a credit card or a traditional loan. A third-party lender will cover the total cost of care for the patient. It is then up to the patient to pay back that lender on a monthly basis. A reasonable interest rate will apply. Many patients who select these financing options find that they are able to budget as needed based on their needs.

Considering All of Your Options

As you have noticed, there are plenty of factors to keep in mind when it comes to vasectomy reversal. During your visit with our team, we will be sure to help you make the best decisions for your family and your finances. It's important to us that all patients are able to make well-informed decisions about these men's health issues.

Learn More About Men's Health Issues

If you would like to learn more about vasectomy reversal treatments and many other issues related to men's health matters, it's of the utmost importance that you schedule a visit to our practice. To speak with a member of your team, be sure to contact our Houston urology and men's health center today. We look forward to going over all matters related to your health and wellness in greater detail.