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Feb 4, 2014 — by Larry Lipshultz

Houston Vasectomy InstructionsDallas urologist Larry Lipshultz is a master of the painless vasectomy. In a mere half-hour, Dr. Lipshultz can provide you with the surest form of male birth control available, eliminating the possibility of pregnancy from your sex life. To ensure the success of your procedure, he will issue pre-operative instructions that you must follow carefully. During your consultation at Dr. Lipshultz’s practice in Houston, vasectomy instructions will be provided to you, and you will have the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns you might have.

The following are general pre-op instructions given to most vasectomy patients. They should not be considered a substitute for the specific instructions that Dr. Lipshultz will provide to you personally.

Before Your Vasectomy

Prior to your vasectomy, you should expect to:

  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen for at least one week prior to surgery (Tylenol is acceptable if you need to take a pain reliever)
  • Carefully shave the hair from your scrotum, followed by a shower or bath to remove any loose hairs
  • Make sure that you have an athletic supporter (i.e., a “jock strap”) or very tight-fitting underwear to wear on the day of surgery to provide proper support to your scrotum after the procedure
  • Arrange to have someone drive you to and from your appointment
  • Fill the prescription for pain medication with which you will be provided
  • Not eat within two hours of your vasectomy
  • Bring comfortable, easy-to-put-on pants or shorts to wear over your athletic supporter or tight-fitting underwear
  • Purchase a supply of freezer bags, in which you can place ice or frozen peas to reduce swelling and control pain during your recovery period

Perhaps your most important responsibility prior to surgery is to make sure that all of your questions have been clearly answered and that you are absolutely certain of your decision to proceed with surgery. Although Dr. Lipshultz performs vasectomy reversal with a high rate of success, you should enter into vasectomy with the assumption that its results are permanent.

If you have any doubt about undergoing the procedure, you should hold off until you are certain in your decision.

You must also have realistic expectations of the procedure before proceeding. It is important that you understand that vasectomy will not immediately result in your infertility. You will still have a reserve of sperm that can be released in your ejaculate during the first six to eight weeks after your surgery. Understand that, if you engage in sex during this time, you will need to use another form of birth control to eliminate the risk of pregnancy. Dr. Lipshultz will perform follow-up semen tests to determine when your ejaculate is free of sperm and you can forgo other forms of birth control when having sex.

Learn More about What to Do Prior to Your Vasectomy

To learn more about what you can expect prior to your vasectomy, or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Larry Lipshultz, please contact our fertility clinic at the Baylor College of Medicine, Scott Department of Urology today.